Best Shore Diving Big Island
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Shore Diving Big Island & the top Big Island Dive Sites along the Kona Coast

Shore diving the Big Island can be hard if you don't know where to go. Kona is known for its rough lava covered beaches and coastline. Occasionally divers will attempt to dive from shore with mixed results. To save you time and hassle we cover top big island shore dive sites, where to go when to go, and what you will see at some of our better shore dive sites. Please keep in mind that based on conditions some of these sites will be difficult if not dangerous to dive. Please watch conditions before attempting to dive.

Top Big Island Shore Diving & Dive Sites

- Puako
- Kua Bay
- Mahukona
In Town
- Mile Marker 4
- Old Airport
- Kailua Pier
- 2 Step


Kua Bay

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Old Airport

Mile Marker 4 (coming soon)

Shore Dive Site Swell Height Recommendations

During the Summer most of these sites will be accessable. During the winter we typically get larger more consistent swell. Our recommendation is to avoid Kua Bay and Mile Marker 4 during the winter months. All of the dive sites listed here are effected to one degree or another by north through south swells from the western direction. Swells from the Northeast through southeast will have little to no effect on shore entry on the Kailua-Kona Coast.

Mahukona - Faces North
  • Affected by: West through Northwest swells.
  • Look for: 4 feet or less
Puako - Faces North
  • Affected by: West through North swells.
  • Look for: 3 feet or less
Kua Bay - Faces West *Typically not diveable during the winter*
  • Affected by: southwest through north swells
  • Look for 3 feet and less
Old Airport - Faces South
  • Affected by: west through south swells
  • Look for 2 feet or less
Kailua Pier - Faces South
  • Affected by: Southwest through West Swells
  • Look for 3 feet or less
Mile Marker 4 - Faces West
  • Affected by: Southwest through Northwest Swells
  • Look for 2 feet or less
2 Step (Honaunau) - Faces west
  • Affected by: west and southwest swells
  • Look for 3 feet and less

Swell Map

(In Meters)