Lava FAQ

Update - Lava has stopped flowing and Vog emissions are greatly reduced. For daily vocano eruption updates visit The USGS lava update website

To see vog particulate matter emissions visit this air monitoring site. A color guide explaining levels is located below the map. For compariison punch in your zip code. Particulate matter is the stuff you see hanging in the air. Levels from 101-150 are considered high and may effect sensitive individuals. 151-200 is when levels will begin effecting the general public.

For current sulfur dioxide emissions visit Hawai'i Short Term SO2 Advisory

Is the diving impacted by the volcano?
Kona continues to offer the best diving in Hawaii. The Diving in Kona is unaffected by the volcanic activity on the other side of the island. Due to the distance from the volcano (105 mile drive from Kona) and the size of the island, Kona's waters still host the best diving Hawaii has to offer.

hawaii lava map
The distance between Hawaii's best diving and the lava is approximately 80 miles(129km) with a 13,000 foot (4km) high mountain in between

What are the effects of the volcano?
The Big Island of Hawaii has been experiencing varying levels of volcanic activity over the past century. Right now there is lava flowing on a small portion of the island (less than 1%). The island itself is very large with a great distance between one side and the other. The volcanic gases and lava entering the ocean is creating a noticeable haze in the air depending on your location. We sympathize with those who live on the opposite side of the island who have lost their homes or been displaced by this geologic event.

How will the lava impact my stay?
You may notice a haze called vog (volcanic smog) in the sky much like the smog experienced in large cities. Kona has been experiencing this for the past decade and yet continues to attract increasing visitor counts year after year. The amount of vog will vary by location and weather conditions but will have no impact on your experience underwater.

vog effects kona hawaii scuba divingHere is a picture taken of our new boat on a voggy day

Can I see the lava?
You must! We recommend seeing the lava since it may not be this active much longer. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to view one of nature's most astounding acts; The creation of new land. To see the molten rock river flowing is to behold one of the most jaw-dropping occurrences of all time. We recommend visiting the lava by air with Paradise Helicopters. Flights depart from Kona and Hilo all day every day.