black water critter found during a pelagic magic dive


Time: 8:45pm *Subject to change
Days: Wednesday & Friday


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Looking for a more advanced dive?  Blackwater diving is a unique night dive which will take you miles offshore where you will hang, suspended from a 60ft tether, over 4000 feet of water to watch open ocean, or pelagic, animals drift by.  You'll have the opportunity to see animals ranging from perfectly clear larval fish and invertebrates to siphonophores, and even cephalopods out in the deep. If you want to observe something you have never seen before, this is the dive for you.  Our divemasters are still surprised by new and exciting creatures every week.   

Dive Requirements

This dive is for the confident diver that has experience (50 dives or more), excellent buoyancy skills and is ready to venture a little farther offshore.  

Please Note:  We require a minimum of 2 passengers to run this charter.  Max 6 passengers per Coast Guard regulations.

What to bring

  • Seasickness or anti-nausea medication is highly recommended for this dive due to the higher than normal motion as well as lack of objects to help coordinate motion. we have some available here in the shop.
  • A full wetsuit with hood will help to protect the body from jellies floating by.
  • A BCD with a bladder. This will better allow the diver to achieve the neutral buoyancy necessary to hover effortlessly among the pelagic critters leading to a longer lasting and more enjoyable dive
  • A macro lens (50-60mm for crop sensor and 90mm for full frame)
To see more about these mysterious critters please visit our dive guide/marine scientists site

Products we recommend to prevent seasickness

Cancellation Policy

Please be informed of our 48 hour cancellation policy.

You may make changes or cancellations to your reservations up to 48 hours prior to the trip without penalty. Afterwards, all changes, cancellations, or no shows will not be issued a refund.

The only exception to this policy will be if we receive a medical note from a local doctor for a treatment/exam which must have taken place within 48 hours of the check in time of the missed dive. This does not waive the companion diver.