Byron Kay freediving instructor & Ocean Currents Podcast Host Byron Kay
Owner of Kona Honu Divers

Byron grew up with a great passion for the underwater world. Learning to SCUBA dive in southern California, he spent time diving and freediving the coast and the Channel Islands. In school Byron studied Marine Biology, received his scientific diving certification, and lived on Catalina Island at the Wrigley Institute for Marine Science. After graduating, he became a PADI instructor. Deciding to jump back into science Byron joined a Marine Biology consulting outfit in California doing underwater surveys, plankton tows, and counting fish at the now-defunct San Onofre Nuclear Plant. 

After moving to Kona, Byron took an interest in competitive freediving and joined a local group that deep dives every Sunday at Honaunau Bay.  
There he met his future wife and his mother-in-law, two of the nation's best competitive freedivers. Byron and his wife, Jessica, enjoy diving together and swimming with their son's ages 2 and 5.  He started Kona Freedivers - a brand of Kona Honu Divers.

Favorite dives: Blackwater night dive and deep line freediving during the day
Owner - Kona Honu Divers/Kona Freedivers
FII Level 1 Freediving Instructor

Freediving Stats:
- CWF 60m
- Static 6:35

Favorite Dive: Blackwater
Favorite Critter: Cuttlefish

Byron has Dove in:
Southern California
Great Barrier Reef
Byron Wants to dive:
Papua New Guinea
South Africa
Sea of Cortez
Pacific Northwest
New Zealand