with Kevin Stewart

Darwin's Arch

     The Galapagos is one of those rare places where you can dive through hundreds of hammerhead sharks to find a whale shark cruising along.  Toss in silky sharks, sea turtles, giant morays and schooling fish in their thousands… And that’s just the first dive at Darwin! At Wolf Island you can expect huge Galapagos sharks and eagle rays up close whilst dives at Cabo Marshall will put you face to face with giant manta rays and inside a school of millions of black-striped salemas.  Mola mola (sunfish) may be seen in the depths too. Macro life is plentiful. Black coral bushes shelter seahorses, blennies, nudibranchs, hawkfish and frogfish. Sea iguanas are a unique sight, along with speedy penguins and playful sea lions. This is but a mere taste of why divers consistently proclaim the Galapagos to have the healthiest marine life in the Pacific.

More Galapagos!

There is an opportunity to do an additional week on a boat called the Astrea which concentrates on land tours and freediving.  This would be the week after the Galapagos Master. This would require an extra night stay in the Galapagos before the Astrea departs.  Email Kevin for more details and questions at

Freediving travel destination on astrea liveaboard trip

Additional information:

***Kona Honu Divers can assist you in arranging your domestic airfare in Ecuador along with hotel stays in Guayaquil or Quito before or after the boat.  We suggest you arrange your international flight to Guayaquil to arrive by September 17, 2017 so you will be able to make your flight to San Cristobal on September 18, 2017.  You will disembark from the boat by 10am on September 25, 2017.  You may be able to get a flight home the same day, but make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to make connections or we suggest spending the night in Guayaquil.  We can arrange other tours for you from Guayaquil.

***Proof of dive insurance such as DAN or Dive Assure is required.  We also suggest acquiring the travel insurance through your dive insurance provider.

***Please be sure to have all your certification cards with you.

***Valid passport with at least six months of validity.  Please go to click english and then consular services for information on passports/visas

***The local currency is U.S. Dollars

***For those that are not currently certified for Nitrox; Kona Honu Divers can offer you the free practical application of the Nitrox course and certify you as long as the PADI online academics are completed prior to arrival at the boat.

***Kona Honu Divers can help arrange extra nights in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, or possibly to Machu Picchu in Peru.