Hawaiian Endemic Diver Specialty Class

With fish expert Ty Widhalm
hawaiian endemic fish psycho wrass


Have you ever wondered why some fish are only found in Hawaii? Welcome to the Hawaiian Endemics Specialty Diver Course, offered exclusively at Kona Honu Divers, where we investigate how Hawaii’s geographical isolation has contributed to an extremely high rate of marine endemism.

Hawaii's location as the most Isloated landmass on the planet has given it's wildlife a perfect location for species to thrive and change over time.

This specialty course was written and published by Ty Widhalm. Ty was certified when he was 16 years old. Has been diving Kona's reefs and identifying it's fish ever since. As a divemaster and instructor Ty loves to talk about Kona's unique marine life and all of it's intricacies