Hawaii's best scuba diving company
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The Best Scuba Diving Company in Hawaii

Why you should dive with us

- We are top rated on Google
- We offer multi-dive discount packages
- We were awarded top dive operator in the Pacific by Scuba Diving Magazine readers 3 years running
- Our crew is the most experienced in town and highly trained in safety, and guest services
- Our boats are the nicest
- Our gear is top-of-the-line and maintained and checked before anything goes wrong
- We have the highest safety standards which means you will be less likely to dive with inexperienced divers
- We have a free welcome offer for new divers
- We offer free nitrox
- We let you dive your tank
- We provide 80cubic foot neutral buoyancy tanks
- We offer lots of amenities on our boats (join us and you will see)
- We provide valet service to everyone (you don't have to lift a finger)
- We are priced at or below most of our competitors
- We donate the proceeds of our profits to ocean related non-profits

There's no reason NOT to dive with us! So what are you waiting for!

What makes us the best dive shop in Hawaii

Kona Honu Divers has worked hard to deliver a top-rated diving experience. We strive to provide great service and the most value above and below the surface. Scuba divers love us because we love them! We offer many amenities not found at other diving operators. Our standards are high both for our guests and for ourselves. All of our guides are highly trained and we are constantly working to improve our knowledge and our skills. There are so many aspects to diving and being in Hawaii's waters we recognize there's enough to learn to fill up a lifetime.

From the moment you step into our dive shop Kona Honu Divers aims to wow our guests. The energy and professionalism is there and it continues throughout your time with us. We may seem laid back, but we sure work hard! Quality is important to us. It can be seen in the gear we provide, our boats, and our staff. We are always aiming to make your time here a fun and easy one.

Before stepping on the dive boat we will have all of your scuba gear set up for you. Leave your dive gear with us and we'll take total care of it from the time you arrive till the time you must say Aloha. Experienced divers love us because we have many perks geared toward them. A camera rinse bucket and camera table is available on our large boat the Honu One. We also allow you to dive your tank which means longer dives. We offer complimentary nitrox to any and all guests because we believe it is safer and better for everyone involved. Are you an experienced diver with a spouse or kids that don't dive? No problem, we allow snorkelers on board.

It is our mission to offer the best experience you've ever had from a land-based dive operator. From the basics like safety equipment to the more unique course offerings and specialty dives we are meticulous about all aspects of the guest experience. That's why we regularly service, clean, and maintain our scuba equipment and our dive boats. Our dive shop has a classroom and carry's unique scuba diving apparel that was designed in-house. Scuba divers from other companies will come to our shop to buy apparel because we carry the best.

It is important to us to be the best at everything we do. We are constantly striving to offer the most value to our guests. This ensures an across-the-board positive experience no matter how you choose to interact with our company. We make it easy for shore divers to rent dive equipment and find accessible shore-diving sites on the big island. We also offer literature like maps, books, and id cards in our dive center that will help you find where to go diving and what you're going to find in the water.

Our dive guides and instructors love what they do. Some of them have been  Do you have a specific animal you would like to see while diving? We will do our best to try to find that animal for you. Our experienced guides know where to look to find most critters. Often times the elusive frogfish or octopus is just waiting to be discovered by our hawk-eyed guides. Our scuba diving instructors love to teach scuba. It pleases us to no end to know we can bring new divers into this world. We have many guests that learned to scuba dive with us and are now regular divers with us returning year after year.

Safety is of paramount importance to us and so we make it a priority to offer an experience that backs that up. That includes offering free nitrox. We require divers that have not been diving in more than 2 years to take a checkout dive with our experienced crew. We also have generous standards on all of our diver/dive guide ratios. We were one of the first dive companies to enact a 2 discover divers to one guide ratio. We also require one instructor per student under the age of 18. Our scuba diving courses are a maximum 4/1 student to guide ratio. This ensures you get the attention necessary to receive a quality course that promotes your success and learning.

Our divers come back year after year because they know we will always provide the best experience possible. Our dive plaques honor divers that have done 50, 100, 200 and 300 dives. Our divers love everything about their time with us. Book now and see why diving with Kona Honu Divers is an experience you won' soon forget.