Kevin Hipp

NAUI Dive Master  
Compressor Tech & Tank Master  
Naui Dive master and certified commercial diver: Kevin grew up around the ocean surfing and body boarding with the desire to scuba dive.  In 1998 he took his first recreational dive course and from then on was hooked.  He did all his dive training in the Pacific Northwest working on his goal to obtain a dive master certification.  Once completed he enrolled in a commercial diving course at the Divers Institute of Technology in Seattle, WA.  After graduating he worked for a few dive companies before starting his own.  With a little free time on his hands he and his wife started making yearly trips to Kona, where he enjoyed the diving so much he eventually sold his company and took up residency here on the Big Island, where he joined the Kona Honu team.  In his spare time Kevin enjoys carving tikis, playing his guitar and surfing.


  Diving for 18 years
  Over 2700 dives


Dive Site Hoovers Tower
Exceptional at finding Octopus, Scorpion Fish, Frogfish
Rarest Critter Thornback Cowfish