Ty Widhalm

USCG Captain  
PADI Instructor  

Ty was raised on the Big Island of Hawaii and became a PADI Professional at the age of 18. Ty is passionate about the ocean and seeks to share his enthusiasm with those under his supervision. In addition to working in Hawaiian waters for many years, he has extensively traveled through Asia. Ty's Asian underwater adventures include: Bali's USS Liberty Wreck, Sipadan's 1800ft Wall, Thailand's Similan Islands, and the remote atolls off of Komodo Island. Ty returned to Kona Honu Divers after a brief hiatus to complete a bachelors degree in Philosophy. During the course of his education, Ty studied abroad in both China and India. Ty has a wide range of interests and looks forward to connecting with, and learning about, people from all walks of life.


  Diving for 14 years
  Captaining for 7 years
  Over 2800 dives
  Certified over 300 students


Dive Site Pyramid Pinnacle
Speciality to teach Hawaiian Endemic Diver
Critter to find Octopus
Rarest critter found Egg Eating Nudibranch

psychedelic wrasse male and female

Endemic Specialty Course

Ty has written a course for PADI specifically covering endemic fish in Hawaii. Ty's love of the island and his fish knowledge combine to create a one-of-a-kind class designed for those interested in why Hawaii has the one of highest endemism rate of anywhere in the world.