Shelby Eisenberg


Performance Freediving International Instructor Trainer
Competitive Freediver - 3x US National Record holder
Current US Women's National Record Holder 85m Constant Weight

With a passion for diving and sea life Shell continues to introduce the wonders of the deep through her skills as a talented freediving instructor and artist. 


Shell began freediving when she moved to Oahu in 2009 to attend University of Hawaii at Manoa. With daily ocean swimming she developed a deep respect for marine life and oceanography. Shell’s first freediving job was as an underwater photographer. Interested in improving her breath holding skills, Shell began training with Performance Freediving International in 2012. Since that time, Shell trained through her advanced freediving and professional certifications, ultimately achieving her PFI Instructor Trainer qualifications. Shell now teaches all levels of freediving from how to snorkel at the surface, to how to freedive down 200 feet, to how to survive a big wave wipeout! Sharing how to freedive safely and improve one’s skill is Shell’s passion.


Teaching freediving is Shell's greatest passion. Her love of the sport can lead to intense conversations about any aspect of freediving. As a PFI instructor trainer Shell has traveled around the globe teaching classes from surf survival to big wave surfers and sailboat racing teams, to instructor courses in exotic locales. Being that Kona is one of the world's best freediving training destinations, Shell's expertise in the competitive realm and passion for the sport make her an excellent coach helping divers hone their skills.

Competitive Diver

In 2013 Shell began freediving competitively. She’s since broken three USA National Freediving Records; her recent 85m/279' constant weight record is the current deepest self-propelled women's dive in USA history. Shell also set 2 national records in the discipline Dynamic Apnea No-Fins (DNF). She plans to continue competitively freediving, concentrating mostly on depth disciplines in 2018-2019.

Shell has organized 2 pool competitions here in Kona, Hawaii named Kikaha Apnea Competition.


As an artist Shell excels in creating unique illustrations and paintings of sea creatures. Check out our shop to see some of her unique designs on stickers, shirts, water bottles and more!


As part of the Honu Dive Travel group Shell explores our future travel destinations ensuring they are suitable for our members. She has the challenging work of deciding which resorts make the best cocktails and offer the most thorough massages.


  Freediving 10 years
  Over 20,000 dives 
  Over 200 students


Dive Site South Point
Favorite Speciality to teach Breath Hold Surf Survival
Exceptional at finding underwater Seahorses
Rarest Critter Dragon Moray


Constant Weight 85m - 279ft
 No Fins 56m - 183ft
 Dynamic No Fins 132m - 433ft
 Static 5:45 min

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