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Dive more . . . for less!

Here at Kona Honu Divers, we love our repeat guests. Dive packages are designed to give you the flexibility to add to your booking at any time. Rated the #2 dive operator in the Pacific by Scuba Diving Magazine readers you have the assurance that all your dives will be world-class. 

*When booking online, discounts will be applied after bookings are made by KHD staff.
*Package pricing applies to charters all booked at once. 

Please note: Only Reef Safe Sunscreens are permitted aboard our vessels

Kona's Best Dive Discount Packages

10% off 3 or More Trips

Book any 3 Charters and receive 10% off

  • Blackwater, 2 Tank Manta, Premium Advanced 2 Tank Morning Dive
  • 3 Tank Local charter, 2 Tank Manta, 1 Tank Night Reef Dive
  • 3 Tank Morning Dive, 2 Tank Premium Advanced Long-Range, 1 Blackwater
 . . . Or create you own custom package

20% Discount on 10 charters or more

  • Diving Variety Package
3 - 2 Tank Morning Dives
1 - 2 Tank Manta Dive
2 - Blackwater Dives
2 - 2 Tank Premium Advanced Long-Range
2 - Night Reef Dives

  • Day Diving Package (10 Days of Diving)
3 x 2 Tank Premium Advanced Long-Range
7 x 2 Tank Morning Dives

  • Hardcore Diver Package
2 - 3 Tank Local Trip
2 - Night reef Dives
2 - Blackwater Dives
4 - 2 Tank Premium Advanced Long-Range

. . . or create your own!

#2 Dive operator in the Pacific. Scuba Diving Magazine Readers choice award

Kona Honu Divers was named the #2 Dive Company in the Pacific by Scuba Diving Magazine's Readers Choice Awards. We take pride in offering divers the highest level of service in the dive industry. Come dive with us and see why divers choose Kona Honu Divers.