Cargo Snorkel
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Cargo Snorkel


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call 808-324-4668 to order.
Hate having a snorkel hanging from your mask on a dive; does it get in the way when you are in a wreck, swimming through kelp or a cave? Maybe you teach diving, but still don't like the snorkel on your mask all the time, but now you must have one to meet standards? Whatever the reason is that makes you hate using a snorkel all the time XS Scuba's Cargo Snorkel may be the answer to your problem. 

The Cargo Snorkel is made completely out of silicone rubber. This unique construction allows you to roll the snorkel up into a compact size easily storable in your BCD pocket, yet ready for immediate use when needed. The Cargo Snorkel has a Self Draining Purge Valve for easy clearing and a special Snorkel Keeper that keep the snorkel rolled up and compact until you need it. So if you hate your snorkel, but know you need one, XS Scuba Cargo Snorkel is the answer.