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Kona Snorkeling Tours

Experience the best Big Island snorkeling tours Kona has to offer with these magical snorkel trips. Check off your bucket list while swimming inches away from looping manta rays in the manta ray night snorkel. Cruise Kona's gorgeous coastline in the morning light while stopping for wildlife en route to Kona's best snorkeling spots. Feeling like taking control of the experience? Charter the boat and do with it as you wish. Kona's many beaches and bays make for a nearly endless exploration of the best snorkeling in Hawaii.

Private Boat Charter

As a private charter, the boat is yours! Do you feel like embarking on a special adventure? We can accommodate your desires. We will cruise to remote beaches, hover over pristine reefs and lounge in solitude in protected bays. We handle all of the details while you relish in the sun and enjoy your Hawaiian holiday. At night we can take extra time with the manta rays or just keep the group small allowing you to have the manta rays all to yourselves!

Our crew is highly trained and able to relate information relevant to safety, history, local knowledge, marine life, and water skills. It is important to us that you and your family and friends are comfortable, happy, and safe. We strive hard to ensure you get the most out of your snorkeling, whale watching, or manta ray swim experience. Our boat is a rigid hull inflatable designed for use by the navy Seal Team units to transport soldiers. As such it is fast and comfortable when stationary and acts as an excellent platform for achieving our mission of providing an exceptional experience.

Activities we recommend include:

  • Snorkeling
  • Cruising the coastline
  • Visiting Remote Beach Sites
  • Searching for large marine life
  • Private Manta Experience

Captain Cook Snorkel

Some of the best snorkeling in Hawaii can be had in Kealakekua Bay also known as K-bay. The reef is a marine protected area allowing the corals to thrive. The Captain Cook monument is located directly onshore in the middle of the best snorkeling and offers a nice backdrop for the dramatic cliffs where Hawaiians used to bury their Alii. The site is most accessible by boat. It used to be possible to rent Kayaks and paddle from shore but this is no longer an option with the new regulation. This makes the site more friendly to anyone looking for a boat tour. We pride ourselves in our small group sizes allowing us to ensure you and your family is well taken care of.

Marine Life

Dolphins often frequent the bays along the Kona Coast and Kealakekua Bay is no exception. The pods will come in to rest in the morning after hunting at night. Other marine life like turtles, conch shells, octopus, and eels are commonly found here. Kona is also known as the gold coast because it is one of the only places in the world with large densities of the Yellow Tang surgeonfish. 

Manta Ray Night Snorkel

One of Kona's most spectacular experiences happens every night underwater. Manta rays visit select sites along Kona's coast in search of food. With plenty of tourists in the water, they are well fed too! They eat microscopic phytoplankton attracted to our lights. They love this food and the food loves us so we c to see these giant creatures up close and personal! This experience is a must-do for anyone regardless of swimming ability. We also accommodate people from ages 5 and up. bring the kids and the parents. We make it fun for everyone. Thousands of people swim with Manta Rays every year. Due to the rising popularity of this activity, we now offer a late-night option where you can avoid the crowds. This means more mantas per snorkeler on our moonlight manta snorkel.

Our crew is trained to provide a safe and educational manta experience. We relish in showing you the best time possible! Our crew is made up of passionate ocean lovers whos primary goal is to show you the best the Big Island has to offer. This includes the history, the nature, and the Aloha! We always strive to treat all of our guests with the Aloha spirit the island of Hawaii is known for.

As a more intimate experience, we have the ability to bring you to the mantas. We provide you with floatation and you hold on to our manta boards. We will bring you and your group to the mantas. All you have to do is hold on. This is nice in comparison to other operators who are unable to move due to their size and guide to snorkeler ratio. This means if the mantas decide they want to hang out in one spot all night and that spot is not under your board then tough luck!]

Whale Watching Tour December-March

Lastly, we must not forget about our beloved Humpback whales. Humpbacks frequent Kona's coast from November till April. We offer whale watching trips during the peak of the season to help ensure a greater chance to see these amazing beasts. We will often encounter multiple whales and sometimes even multiple pods or groups. If we're lucky we may even get to see a calf or baby whale. 

Sometimes whales will spout and come within a close distance of our boat. Other times whales may slap their pectoral fins or flukes also known as a tail. When we are really lucky whales may even breach (jump out of the water). Some whales will breach multiple times in a row providing for a show almost impossible to miss out on.

One of the best parts about being out on a whale watching tour is the potential to see other marine life. Kona is home to 13 different cetaceans that frequent the area including 4 different dolphin species, whales, and more! Kona has been fortunate to see more whale sharks recently with numbers being reported in the hundreds every year. We don't know why this is but we love the opportunity to see and swim with these gentle giants.