SSI Open Water Certification
The SSI Open water diver is a class designed to teach you how to safely scuba dive.

SSI Open Water Certification $509
Digital Open Water Kit Diamond $120

: SSI Open Water Certification
Skill: Beginner
Schedule: Begin your class on Monday OR Thursday

What qualifications are needed?

You will need to be at least 10 years old or older, have adequate swimming skills and be in good
health. Please review the Medical Statement prior to scheduling your certification.  If needed, please use the Physical Examination form with your doctor.  It is always a good idea to get an exam of your physical health prior to starting this activity!

What will we do in this class?

You will enroll in SSI's elearning course to complete the Knowledge Development portion of the course which will teach you the principles of scuba diving. This is independent study and must be completed PRIOR to the first day of class.  You can complete the first three chapters of the home study for free!

Confined Water to learn the basic skills

Four Open water dives to complete the skills requirement.

How long will the class take?Time: 3 half days (8am-1pm)

Day 1: Final Exam & Confined water--Personal transportation is required

Day 2: Boat (2 dives)--Meet directly at the boat.

Day 3: Boat (2 dives)--Meet directly at the boat.

What materials are required for this class?

Completion of the online academics.  Please call our shop after you have registered with SSI to purchase your Digital Open Water Kit.

The Digital Open Water Kit. This is NON-REFUNDABLE.


Digital Training Materials including Training Videos

Digital Certification Card

Interactive Review Questions, Personal Notes & Bookmarks

Online AND Offline Access via SSI App (Up to 3 devices)

Digital Logbook- 2 year via SSI App

Optional Plastic C-card is available for an additional $15.

The DiveSSI App is an "All-In-One Dive Tool" to give you digital access to your Training Materials, Logbook and Certifications. By purchasing the Diamond Version of your Digital Kits, you can access your materials offline via the SSI App on your Tablet or Smart Phone. Visit your App Store and download the DiveSSI App FREE – Available for iOS and Android!

What is included in the class?

All necessary scuba equipment is included. 

Personal gear such as mask, snorkel, and fins are required.  (We understand luggage constraints so fins are optional and available for rent.

Surface Marker Buoy-optional, but recommended.

Log Book

Can I join my kids/family on their training dives?

No, we need to harbor a classroom atmosphere and limit outside distractions. You are welcome to join the other certified divers on the charter and tour the reef led by the dive guide.