Taka Fujiwara

PADI Instructor  
USCG Captain  

Taka grew up in Tokyo, Japan. Taka's passion for the underwater world led him on a path to professional scuba diving. He's been working as a dive guide and instructor for 22 years--including 16 years on the Kona coast! Taka started scuba diving and became a PADI Pro in Cairns, Australia, and worked as a dive guide and boat crew. Taka moved to Kona in April of 2000. Since then, he's received his Captain's License to add to his extensive water experience. Taka's been working for Kona Honu Divers since 2006 and has done over 5000 dives in Kona alone. In addition to his diving and captaining knowledge, Taka is skilled in gear repair and tank inspection.


  Diving for over 22 years and over 7000 dives
  Driving for over 14 years
  Over 500 students


Specialty to teach Underwater Photography
Exceptional at finding Endemic critters
Rarest critter spotted Loggerhead turtle, Whitley's Male Boxfish, Dragon Moray, Tuberculosis Nudibranch, Cymbal Bubble Shell